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The Cooking Ladies
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Kiteboarding in Kailua Bay - Escape Travel

THE wind is up and the kites are flying. Well, some of them are. One poor kiter is a victim of the very wind that has everyone else scooting back and forth across Kailua Bay - his kite is stuck up a tree, and his dilemma draws as much interest as those kiteboarders performing out on the water do.

Abundance - Slow Magazine

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Romanticism, best exemplified by the poets and artists of the seventeenth century, saw a shift away from the realism and formality of the early Renaissance to a growing faith in the senses, with a focus on feelings, imagination, and the rural and natural landscape.

Aloha, Hawaii - Rocks Magazine

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We've flown for miles over the lava-ravaged west coast of the Big Island t0 reach our destination, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

A Time For All Seasons - Town & Country Farmer

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S tud cattle breeding in Queensland is an expensive business and the State has earned its reputation as being the best in the country through over a century of experimentation, scientific research and investment in cutting edge breeding programs.