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#100 Creativity & Entrepreneurship: Skills For The 21st Century

Creating something from nothing is the entrepreneur’s most important skill. Discipline and art is what makes it happen. Jarie Bolander, Editor in Chief of the Daily MBA and author of The Entrepreneur Ethos: How to Build a More Ethical, Inclusive and Resilient Entrepreneur Community,unpacks the internal workings of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. He talks about the traits entrepreneurs need, the internal challenges we face on a daily basis and the importance of leading from within. Jarie shares tips on how to build success into our daily lives, including how creativity on a deadline is the best kind of deadline, why telling stories matter, the importance of timing and how best to foster the leadership skills we need to succeed. What we do matters and Jarie talks us through the entrepreneur ethos in a way that not only gives us permission to follow our passion but to build a better world doing it. You can find out more about Jarie, his books and coaching here.

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