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#103 How to Write a Million Words a Year the Romantic Way, with Tracey Pedersen

Grow you email list, network and promote your books, is the advice that prolific romance author, Tracey Pedersen, shares with us today and she makes it sound so easy. But listen a little closer and you’ll learn the real secret. Bum on chair and write.

Tracey is dedicated to her craft and she’s learnt everything she knows along the way. She calls it taking action through a constant stream of baby steps. Her romantic comedy, Married This Year, is the first in a new series and is proving to be her most popular book yet.

She has grown her email list from a few hundred to over 16,000 by following Nick Stephenson’s advice in Your First 10,000 Customers and she has carried out joint promotions with other authors from Stephenson’s Dream Team Network. I’ve bought the first, and joined the latter but Tracey’s done the hard slog, written sixteen books and counting, and has worked her way through Mark’s course with determination.

She attended 20 Books to $50K in Las Vegas last November, and is currently taking part in a Million Word in a Year challenge. As she says, it’s only 3000 words a day, which doesn’t sound nearly as daunting, does it? Tracey should know. She’s given up her day job and is living comfortably off her Indie income. Freedom, it seems, is just another word for bum on chair and doing the hard yards.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve joined Tracey and her million word challenge. Small steps, you said Trace?

You can find out more about Tracey and her success story here. And there’s a great article she wrote for Mark’s blog where she gives the rest of us a gentle nudge in the right direction. You can find the article here.

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