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#106 Travel, Work & Play; The Life of a Digital Nomad, with Barbaralicious

Ever wondered about taking your work on the road and combining it with travel and pleasure? The freedom to do exactly that is common for more people than you think. Co-working spaces solve most problems in relation to internet connections, skill-sharing, meet-ups and events. There’s a growing community out there who can tell you where to go, what to see and how to get your work done. An added bonus is the friends you make along the way.




Barbaralicious is what’s known as an influencer in the digital nomad space, and her philosophy on life is the things that make us happy are not material possessions but what we give back. Today, she chats with us about the sixteen books she’s published – one a month – the fifty countries she visited and all the tricks and tips she’s learned along the way. She runs a travel blog for digital nomads and online workers, and she’s worked hard to establish her brand, publishing City Guides for Digital Nomads.

Barbara funds her travels through her books, articles, affiliate links and sponsorship. As she says, some days are better than others and often her traveling and accommodation style fluctuates with her fortunes. However, with the rise of housesitting as an option, being single and footloose can have its advantages.

Making a living – and a lucrative one – can be done. And that’s where social media comes in. With over 40,000 followers on and a large email list, Barbara doesn’t have much trouble reaching out to her followers. Whilst uploading this podcast it was easy to track Barbara down. She’s off home to Europe from a long stay in Asia but she’s already planning on coming back. Did I mention she speaks Italian, Spanish, German and French, after studying languages at university?

You can find out more about Barbara, her travel guides and her blog advice here.





This week’s podcast is sponsored by my 30 Days To Better Writing Habits. You can find out more here.


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