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#107 A Passion For Writing; Making a Living Doing What You Love, With The Cooking Ladies

From working seven days a week as restauranteurs to a self-funded life on the road in an eleven metre motorhome, Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay, have lived the life most of us dream about. More commonly known as The Cooking Ladies, the duo have cruised the United States and Canada, and gathered more than a little infamy along the way. Am I jealous? You bet. Phyllis and Lamont have dared to follow their passion and made a huge success out of doing it.

With sponsored travel/cookery books to freelance writing for magazines and more than a few of their own Indie-published books, these ladies have attacked their freelance lifestyle with both professionalism and zeal. That the rest of us can learn from them is a given. Their latest book, Let’s Get Grilling, is their first foray into traditional publishing, and is an object of beauty for both its images as well as its travel tales. And, lucky for us, the ladies have provided two copies of their book for me to give away.


Let's Get Grilling


Food, travel and writing have a way of going together. From the people you meet to the places you visit, there’s always a story to tell. For Phyllis and Lamont, it’s been a combination of hard work, business savvy and meticulous planning. Very little is left to chance with this pair, as you’ll hear. And their best piece of advice, always have a pitch ready that tells what you can do for others. Oh, and always say “Sure” when someone asks you to do something because you never know what opportunities lay ahead.

You can find out more about The Cooking Ladies, their travel tales, recipes and books here.


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