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#111 Deep Writing, with Kevin Tumlinson

Kevin Tumlinson has just returned from a road trip and he has a few secrets to share. You see, he learned a few things out there on the road about the writing process and his novels are all the better for the time he spent on the prairies. And Kevin, being Kevin, is ever generous in sharing what he’s learned.

The single most important thing Kevin has discovered over forty-three novels is that deep thinking leads to deep writing. It’s vital that we give our brains time off to ponder the deeper meaning behind our ideas. And reading good writing is the best way to learn how to write good words.

But it’s not just about putting words on the page. The ways to market our books are also changing. It’s getting more personal as authors reach out to their readers through direct marketing via email lists. Kevin talks us through his process of engaging loyal fans in the writing and marketing process for all his books. Being personal and relatable are key. He stopped advertising months ago and now relies on his street team, email list and interaction with his fans.

Then there’s the dynamic Indie Publishing environment that Kevin knows so much about in his role as Marketing Manager for Draft2Digital publishing. It’s still early days in the Indie Publishing and there’s so much more to come as the quality of author products continue to improve. Audio, direct sales and an increasing acceptance of Indie authors as writers of quality books. D2D continues to add to its list of services to complement its Universal Book Links, with Book Tabs, Author Pages and Print Solutions all available to D2D’s customers.

Kevin’s latest novel, The Girl In The Mayan Tomb, is out now and he’s already deep into the writing of his next book, The Antarctic Forgery (working title). You can find out more about Kevin and his novels here.


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