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#112 It’s The Journey That Matters: A Healthy Writing Life, With Joanna Penn

The life of an Indie writer is a busy one – what with writing, taking care of business, family life, eating, exercising and down time – so is it any wonder we need a little help occasionally to re-align our priorities, and get our lives back into balance.





Today’s guest, Joanna Penn, teamed up with Dr Evan Lawson to write The Healthy Writer, and in it she shares her personal journey to achieving balanced, healthy writing lifestyle. Walking, yoga, sleep, community and a healthy workspace are a few of the things we touch on, but Joanna also shares the importance of comparing ourselves only to where we’ve come from and not to others, learning to stop and take a break, and framing our challenges in a positive way.

Joanna is an award-nominated New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Thrillers and she also writes non-fiction. Starting her writing journey in 2010 here in Oz with The Year of the Novel, she’s gone on to publish nine non-fiction books and seventeen fiction stories. She talks about the importance of scheduling, of finishing what you start and building a body of work.

You can learn more about Joanna and her non-fiction books here and her thrillers, written as JF Penn, here.


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