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#115 How To Market Your Book: The Five Stages Of The Reader’s Journey, with David Gaughran

‘Self publishing hasn’t just arrived, it’s taken over,’ says a man who knows. David Gaughran, champion of Indie authors, and author of several versions of Let’s Get Digital and Let’s Get Visible, has released a new bible for us, Strangers To Superfans, A Marketers Guide To The Readers’ Journey. 

Think discoverability, visibility, consideration, purchase and advocacy, and you’ve got most things covered. The trouble is, most of us don’t think enough about these things, or at least, we haven’t until now. David talks us through failure points, optimising each stage of the reader’s journey to increase conversions, boosting sales, and best of all, passionate readers.

‘Writers need less convincing to self publish and more tools to do it effectively,’ says David, and being the man he is, he set about giving the rest of us the very tools we need. And just in case you’re interested, my favourite fiction novel of David’s is Mercenary, about Lee Christmas, a hard-headed drifter who changes the fate of a nation. How can you resist?

You can find out more about superfans, getting visible and digital, and David’s fiction here. You might also like to check out his blog. It’s got everything you need to know about Indie publishing, along with a great free guide, Amazon Decoded. Be prepared to stay awhile once you visit.


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