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#126 What Readers Want in a Novel, with Book Reviewer, Helen Sibbritt

Writers need readers and one way to find readers is through book reviews.

With over 800 romance book reviews under her belt Helen Sibbritt knows a thing or two about what makes a good book and it would be pertinent for the writers amongst us to listen to what she has to say.

She’s what’s known as an Influencer and she always has a review list she’s working her way through.

How do we get onto Sibbritt’s list? Blurbs matter, as do professional covers, and testimonials. Sibbritt often turns to Goodreads and recommendations to find her next good book to read.

She enjoys long lunches with fellow readers – Romance Reader Lunches – and they share recommendations. Word of mouth is king, or should I say queen?

The Australian Romance Readers Association has state chapters and the groups are influential amongst readers.

You can find Helen on Facebook or Twitter sharing her recommendations (I did), or enjoying a long lunch somewhere…you never know, it might be your book she’s recommending next.

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