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#132 What A Career as an Author Looks Like: 10 Years, 15 Books & Gaining Momentum, with Jacquie Underdown

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a career author? Jacquie Underdown has put in the hours and she’s starting to reap the rewards after ten years of hard work. It’s not an uncommon story.

Underdown set about learning her craft through a A Masters in Writing, Editing & Publishing. Her first contract was an ebook with Harper Collins five years ago, when ebooks were an emerging market with Traditional Publishers (back then, texting was also new).

With over a million words published in novels, novellas and short stories, Underdown has learnt a few things, including the fact that writing is a longterm game, nothing comes easy, and getting a book out takes time, practice, determination and support.

In this episode we discuss the following:

  • learning the craft
  • blogging
  • flow
  • the longterm game
  • diverse heroines
  • the importance of good grammar
  • reading as a writer
  • post-novel blues
  • writing schedules
  • how life and writing intertwine

You can find out more about Underdown and her books, including her new Christmas novella, here.

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