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#134 Women’s Fiction Takes to the High Seas, with Tricia Stringer

There’s something about character driven novels that has you turning the pages, feeling you know the characters already but want to know more.

But what about writing them, with one eye on giving your reader a satisfactory ending whilst at the same time putting your characters through their paces and herding them all in the same direction towards that ending?

Juggling five characters’ points-of-view and delving deeply into what motivates each of them is the latest challenge for bestselling and award winning Aussie author, Tricia Stringer, as she tackles her tenth novel and first Women’s Fiction.

Stringer is already a bestselling and award winning author, with historicals set in Australia’s Flinders Ranges and rural romances. Now, she’s taking to the high seas with her first women’s fiction.

Writing bigger, more complex stories suits Stringer and Table for Eight is, hopefully, the first of many. I started reading her book for research but was hooked from the beginning.

Advice from Stringer for writers is write the story you love to read, do your research – in Stringer’s case she had the onerous task of going for cruises – using photos for inspirations, and writing regularly, preferably daily.

We also chat about doing the rounds of libraries and bookshops, as well as marketing online via blogs, reviews and bookclubs.

You can find out more about Stringer, her books and current marketing tour here.

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