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#136 Allegory & the Australian Landscape, with DM Cameron

Sometimes, it’s best to let a novel speak for itself. DM Cameron’s Beneath The Mother Tree is lyrical from the first page and deliciously unputdownable.

It could be Cameron’s Irish ancestry, or her background as an award-winning scriptwriter, or never-give-up attitude, but her debut novel hooks us from the first page and keeps us enthralled.

Or it could be that I love landscape novels and Cameron’s intertwining of Irish and Indigenous cultures as they meet on an island that’s at once familiar and sinister is riveting stuff. And the real treat is listening to her read her story aloud – did I mention that Cameron is also a voice artist?

This podcast is about a writer’s love of storytelling in all its forms. Enjoy.

A masterly evocation of place…Read it as an allegorical tale or just enjoy a rattling good yarn of young love, small community dynamics, obsession and mystery.’  The Weekend Australian.

You can find out more about Cameron and her work here.

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