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#144 Out of Africa: Telling the Story That Wants to Be Told, with TM Clark

Born in Zimbabwe, T.M. Clark completed her primary school years at boarding school in Bulawayo, but on weekends and holidays she explored their family ranch in Nyamandhlovu, normally on the back of her horse. Her teenage years were totally different to her idyllic childhood. After her father died, the family of five women moved to Kokstad, a rural town at the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa, and the boarding school hostel became her home.

In the tradition of Tony Park and Wilbur Smith, Australian author, TM Clark, writes what she knows and tells the stories that need to be told.

The settings for her novels, The Nature of the Lion, Child of Africa, Tears of the Cheetah and Shooting Butterflies, are all sparked by her imagination but based on her childhood homeland.

In this episode, we chat about the following:

  • the nature of storytelling
  • research different cultures and wild places
  • getting the facts right; local words, customs, culture, politics
  • border wars & the bushmen of Africa
  • setting as character
  • the importance of plot to drive a story forward
  • procrastination, and how to overcome it
  • writers block
  • raw emotion

You can find out more about Clark and her books here.


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