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#19 The Business of Writing – Day 1 – The Art of Networking with Business Expert and Entrepreneur, Daniel Gefen

Daniel Gefen has picked the brains of the best in the business world on his Number 1 Entrepreneur podcast, Can I Pick Your Brain?, and 20,000 downloads since January is testimonial to the popularity of this man’s expertise. Today, he shares the 6 Steps to Great Networking with us. We also get to hear about his new book to be released in April, 2017, titled The Self Help Addict (you heard it here first:)). To find out more, visit Daniel at and don’t forget the offer to join Daniel, and me, in Daniel’s private Facebook group to access his network of goal setting entrepreneurs. The Can I pick Your Brain? Entrepreneur Business Podcast can be downloaded on iTunes and I highly recommend it. I’m heading over there now to re-listen to Episode 39, 10 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller with Park Howell, and with any luck, we might be able to get Park to chat with us here on Writer on the Road. Over to you, Daniel, we await your introduction:).


About the author, Melinda

I'm an authorpreneur, English teacher and podcaster who dreams of a life on the road full of adventures and handsome heroes, whilst making squizillions of dollars in book sales to pay for my chocolate fix. In the real world, I write novels and non-fiction, and offer my expert advice via online courses (as soon as I make them) and writing retreats (as soon as I organise them).

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