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#61 Harnessing Your Inner Storyteller with Sean d’Souza

Passions and priorities are the secrets to the success of my guest today. You need time and space to create and Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics has created a lot of both in his life. He has made the decision to keep his business to the size it is and, instead, chooses to work nine months of the year instead of twelve. In his spare time he travels, creates amazing cartoons and experiments with food. Knowing yourself is key and Sean spends every morning intently focused on his inner self. Some of us call going for a morning walk a simple pleasure but it’s vital part of this man’s daily routine and it’s his daily routine that makes this man the success he is, both as a family man and a business man running a company earning figures the rest of us won’t get near working fifteen months a year. Sean is an author, cartoonist and speaker, and a strong believer in giving forward. It’s his values that enamour me and shine through in today’s interview. You can find out more about Sean and his business here.



Today’s episode is sponsored by the beautiful Jennifer Gale of Fit ‘n Fifty Plus who is doing her best to get me fit to write. You can find out more about Jennifer’s fitness and coaching business here.

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