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#80 A Passion for Indie Authors, With Kevin Tumlinson

Kevin Tumlinson’s been around the publishing game for awhile and he’s learned more than a thing or two about Indie publishing on his way. With the third book in his Dan Kotler Thriller series, The Devil’s Interval, released around about now, Kevin practises what he preaches. Did I mention he’s also Director of Marketing for D2D, the most successful digital publishing aggregate, helping the rest of us follow in his footstep. And that’s when my conversation with Kevin gets really interesting. D2D have just announced a new service where those of us not in America can get our audio books produced, published and distributed (or any of the three). Findaway Voices is God’s answer to those of us in the antipodes who want turn our books into audiobooks but, to date, haven’t been able to without a whole lot of effort. Now, it’s just a click away on our D2D dashboards. Oh, and while I wasn’t looking, D2D have also snuck in a neat way to get our ebooks into print without all the fuss of us having to do everything ourselves. You can find out more about Kevin and his books here and about Draft2Digital here. You can also listen to our last chat about how to write and publish your books here.

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