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#93 Creating a Work/Life Balance, with Annie Seaton

Have you ever thought about sitting down and planning exactly what you want your writing life to look like? Annie Seaton – author of Kakadu, Daintree and Diamond Sky, along with countless other novels over the last five years – takes a breath and shares with us, not only her writing journey to date, but how she’s fighting hard to gain some kind of balance to the crazy thing we call our writing lives. Annie’s the first to admit she’s driven to succeed and sometimes there’s more work than play in her life. But all that’s changing as she sets new goals and works out what the next stage of her journey will look like. More single titles, showcasing the depth and maturity in her writing, along with the romances she’s always loved to write. If she writes everything she wants to next year her word count will hit 440k, but it’s time to find a balance. Think a bit of gardening, walks on the beach with the dog and the occasional road trip, and things start to sound a little more sane. Annie calls it putting a few eggs in your personal basket. Our chat today ranges from dispelling a few of the myths about the writing life, to establishing your brand and positioning yourself on social media. She also mentioned something about being disciplined. Annie’s latest release, Come Back to Me, is out now. She also has a sixty-page book, Tips & Tricks for Aspiring Authors, which she updated especially for us. You can find out more about Annie, her books and her adventures here.

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