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Advising Young Women in Business by Studying The Masters In Leadership, with Robyn Wilson

Working with millennials is rewarding because young entrepreneurs think differently. New ways of thinking, getting rid of the past and working with new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, is the way forward. Any of these things sound familiar?

Robyn Wilson, educator and lifestyle designer, is at the forefront of a revolution, or if you like, a changing of the guard, and she’s right in there making a difference where it counts. Think Ken Robinson. Think the Khan Academy. Even the way we learn nowadays is different. Deny the obvious at your peril. Pushing boundaries, removing fears and valuing creativity are what Building Intelligence Leadership is all about, B/L for short.

Fit For Purpose brings together fifteen high performing leaders to share their views on the future directions of business leadership. Robyn has her viewpoint and people are listening. With a background in education and coaching, Robyn has made sure she has stayed abreast of the changes in business leadership and she is passing on what she knows to the next generation. Can we afford not to listen to her message? I think not.

You can find out more about Robyn and her ideas on business leadership here.


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