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Business of (Indie) Writing – Day 5 – Novella writing and what it really means to write short with Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen

You don’t have to be crazy but it helps. Welcome to Joanne Dannon and Tracey Pedersen as they battle it out with me over who’s podcast this actually is…and what it means to write short in the Indie publishing space. There are no guarantees that what we share on today’s podcast will be any use to anyone listening but we sure have fun playing in a space that is yet to be formally defined. What exactly does it mean to write short in the digital age – what do readers want, what are they prepared to pay, and how do we, as writers, slot our writing into the space that is designated ‘short fiction’. One thing is for sure, it’s a space that is creating a lot of interest, and opening up a whole new space in which to play. If Indie writers are the influences of the new digital age, then writing short, whether it be in series, serials or short stand alone fiction, then this is the space in which it is happening. And it’s a space where writers are playing with both form and delivery. You can find out more about Joanne here and Tracey here. But be warned, they are both delightfully crazy, and talented, and if you watch this space long enough, you might just find this podcaster interviewing them when they’re rich and influential – oh, okay, they may be that already, for some of us. Do I hear another novella boxed set calling?

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I'm an authorpreneur, English teacher and podcaster who dreams of a life on the road full of adventures and handsome heroes, whilst making squizillions of dollars in book sales to pay for my chocolate fix. In the real world, I write novels and non-fiction, and offer my expert advice via online courses (as soon as I make them) and writing retreats (as soon as I organise them).

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