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Deep Writing: From Million Download Indie to Hybrid Author, with Clare Connelly

For an author who published her first book in 2014 Clare Connelly sure is prolific. The secret to Clare’s success is deep work – plus confidence, speed and starting in the right spot. Clare doesn’t always write 14,000 words in a day but she has and she can (take heart, she started at 800 words a day). She also says she’s obsessive and once she starts she writes quickly. She’s not joking – she now has forty three novels and six boxed sets to her name. The other thing that happened quickly was her journey to hybrid publishing with Harlequin. Writing for Harlequin has been a long held dream for Clare and when she saw her opportunity she took it. At last year’s RWA Conference she pitched to Joanne Grant, Harlequin’s acquisition editor, and as she says, things are now happening quickly – just like with her Indie books really:) The secret to her writing? She firmly believes the conflict in her novels has to be something that a conversation can’t resolve, that it has to be bigger than that. For more of Clare’s secrets you’ll have to listen to the podcast. You can find out more about Clare and her myriad books here.

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