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Fan Fiction: Why Every Writer Should Read It – and Write it – At Least Once, With Tari Jeffers

Fan Fiction is more popular than you think. Think Harry Potter fanfic, or Jane Austen if that’s your preference, and you’ll find legions of writers creating stories based on their fave characters. There’s something out there for us all to read – or write – but make sure you know the lingo. Fanfiction terminology is rife and it’s easy to give yourself away as a rookie if you don’t get it right. Worse, you can accidentally stray into territory that can make you blush. How do I know? Well, I’d never heard of fanfic until my good friend, and fanfic author, Tari Jeffers, filled me in on what I was missing out on. At the ripe old age of 28, Tari’s considered an elder in the world of fanfiction writing and she’s clocked up more than a few hundred thousand words in her favourite genre – good writing practise, yes, but also a creative artform of its own. I can’t say I was hooked but I was definitely intrigued. And trying to convince Tari to put her writing skills to work outside the fanfic world fell on deaf ears. It seems once hooked on fanfic you’re hooked for life. Go figure:)

PS: There’s an article in Forbes Magazine today with the headline, ‘How Christina Lauren Went From Fanfiction Fame to 14 Bestsellers’ – okay, I’m hooked now!!

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