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Getting Started on Your Writing Journey, With Judy Lawn

‘Where do I start?’ is the question Judy Lawn, author and Creative Writing Teacher, is most often asked in her writing classes. That, and where to find ideas. Her advice is always the same. Study good stories in depth and find out why they work. Look at the dialogue, setting and characters, the backstory and point of view. Never stop learning and don’t be put off by what others tell you. Take heart and write. Pluck up the courage and just start. Judy has been teaching writing classes for nearly twenty years and she has a few tricks to get our writing muscles working. Today we talk about ideas maps, sentences, key words and proverbs. We talk about using the five senses and polishing our writing till it sings. This is a podcast about writing and why good writing matters. Judy should know. She’s been published anywhere and everywhere, from Woman’s Weekly and Woman’s Day through to New Zealand’s Literary Journal, Takahe. She’s the author of Creative Writing and Take Heart & Write. You can find out more about Judy and her books here.

About the author, Melinda

I'm an authorpreneur, English teacher and podcaster who dreams of a life on the road full of adventures and handsome heroes, whilst making squizillions of dollars in book sales to pay for my chocolate fix. In the real world, I write novels and non-fiction, and offer my expert advice via online courses (as soon as I make them) and writing retreats (as soon as I organise them).

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