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Girlpreneur: the Theory & Practice of Entrepreneur Education

The world needs more daydreamers. It’s okay to fail. How do we enable our girls? These are just a few of the ideas up for discussion with Col Jones, entrepreneur educator at Queensland University. Then there’s Sam, Girlpreneur, out there doing her way. I call it when theory meets practice. And it makes for interesting listening for the rest of us watching from the sidelines.

As teachers, we know when we’re successful when our students are capable of creating their own opportunities for satisfaction. Sam’s done that but neither she nor I are sure how, or why, and that’s where Col comes in, naming more than a few of the qualities Sam and I take for granted in our small world, but ones we know are far harder to come by in educational institutions, that is, schools.

Col lists the six attributes students can develop  through entrepreneur education; intellectually, close friendships, independence in value judgements, tolerance of ambiguity, an uncommon interest in the common place and a balanced sense of humour. Most of Col’s students are already passionate by the time they get to him and it’s his job to set up the environment for their future learning. He talks about entrepreneurial competencies and his students being able to create their own opportunities though their adaptive capacities. He also writes books on entrepreneurial education and is currently working on a manifesto on how to teach entrepreneurship. But the real secret, he says, is getting out of students’ ways, and creating a space where they can gain confidence in their abilities by walking in an entrepreneur’s shoes.

This is not the first podcast chat I’ve enjoyed with Col and it won’t be the last. He’s even set me some homework, reading A Primer for the Philosophy of Education, by Samuel Rocha. I’ll try to get hold of Col’s manifesto for teaching entrepreneurship, too. You can find out more about Col, his books and his teaching here.

As for Sam, she’s promised she’ll join me on the podcast again but only if I give her the questions first. Go figure, my daughter lost for words. And I have the evidence to prove it. Thanks, Sam. Love you. xx

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