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How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile and Why You Should, with LinkedIn Expert, Adam Houlahan

Are you a scaling entrepreneur who wants to gain influence by defining who you are and why you matter? Checking your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things a potential connection will do before they reach out to you, and you need make a good impression.

Social Media Strategist and LinkedIn expert, Adam Houlahan, has written a book about it. The LinkedIn Playbook will walk you through the process of optimising your LinkedIn profile and creating a highly professional presence online. Or, if you prefer, join his 12-week Influencer Program here. I did. There’s also a free 4-week course.

What can you do for your ideal client? An easy enough question, but damned hard to answer in a couple of catchy sentences. During our chat, Adam not only tells you how but also why. Then there’s your pitch, headline and summary.

So much to do…here’s a few things we touch on in this episode:

  • How to personalise your message
  • Making sure you follow-up
  • Using a professional profile pic
  • Why your personal life is irrelevant
  • Why LinkedIn is not like other social media
  • The importance of keywords & tags

Are you ready for when the next big opportunity knocks? You can find out more about Adam, and his books and courses here.


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