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Origin Stories, Myths & Dragons: How to Write SciFi/Fantasy, with Sherrilyn Kenyon

With over 70 million books sold, Sherrilyn Kenyon is worth listening to when it comes to all things writing. She’s experienced all the trials that we’re familiar with and celebrated all the successes the rest of us dream about.

Stygian, a Dark Hunter Novel, has been named the Best SF and Fantasy novel for August, 2018 by Unbound Worlds. The Dark Hunter series, at twenty-nine and counting, is a #1 International Bestselling series, along with Kenyon’s Deadman’s Cross, Hellchasers and Nevermore Series, to name a few. You won’t run out of books to read anytime soon, and there’s more on the way.

Our conversation ranges across a lot of topics – Kenyon is a delightfully generous guest – as we learn about ancient languages, medieval myths and origin stories. Kenyon’s father was a biblical scholar, her grandfathers, one a Sharman and one an evangelist, and Kenyon herself a scholar of ancient languages, as well as part Celtic and part Cherokee.

Ever heard the expression ‘old as snot’? It’s accurate, as is everything Kenyon writes. In fact, she’s a stickler for accurate dialogue and it’s one of the things that make her books a delight to read (yep, I entered the realm of fantasy and found that I love it:))

And the best news? She’ll be visiting Oz early in 2019.

There’s series, spinoffs, manga and comics, with Kenyon’s books soon to hit the big screen. You can find out more about Kenyon and her books here.



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