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The Rhymes & Writings of Aussie Bush Poet, Tim Borthwick

There’s nothing better than kicking back around the campfire in outback Australia and listening to a bush poetry slam. Humour, larrikanism and more than a little heartbreak often make up mood of most bush poetry, all of it heartfelt, and most of it inspired by the poet’s personal experiences. Enter Tim Borthwick, quiet and unassuming, but also your quintessential, outback Aussie bloke. Waltzing Australia is a collection of his poems, with the added bonus of a yarn accompanying each poem. The collection is recited by another Aussie icon, Jack Thompson, but today, Tim also recites one of his poems for us. You have to listen to the end for that one.

Tim Borthwick is a Bronze Swagman Award-winning writer of original bush poetry. From a young age he loved to read the poems of Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson, captivated by their ability to tell a story through rhyme and rhythm. Born on a sheep and cattle station in western Queensland, Tim has spent most of his life on the land, and has a great love for the people and stories of the Australian outback. Tim lives in Toowoomba, Queensland, and gets out to the bush whenever he can.

You can find out more about Tim and his poetry here.

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