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The Science of Storytelling – A Strategic Business Tool – with Gideon For-mukwai

Thinking of storytelling as a strategic business tool is what Gideon For-mukwai does best and he wrote a book about it because there were plenty of books about the art of storytelling but nothing about combining that art with the science of storytelling. Gideon is a raconteur as well as an author, educator and speaker.  He based his doctoral studies on researching the power of narrative, and in particular, how we need to use stories to educate others. He talks about Lincoln, Churchill and Martin Luther as examples of great storytellers and how people will remember a story long after they forget the data attached to the story. ‘How to win the hearts and minds of your prospects’ is the tagline of Gideon’s latest book which goes through the five ‘G’s of a captivating story; give a good guy a worthwhile goal, put a massive obstacle in his way, get into a duel, find a guru and end with a gift or a payoff. It’s having a story to tell that matters and by telling a story we can all touch and empower others. You can find out more about Gideon and the science of storytelling here.

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