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The Voices In Your Head; Daily Intentions & A Healthy Writing Mindset, With Brian Burkard

Are you ready for a few top mindset strategies to help you deal with fear, ego and money? Brian Burkard, of the Marketing Mindset Podcast, mixes it with the experts and today he shares his mindset toolkit with us.

Developing a growth mindset isn’t easy but there are a few tricks, like starting your day by setting your intentions rather than reacting to other people’s agendas. Living your dream, never giving up, reminding yourself that now is always the best time to start and sticking with whatever it is you’ve started for however long it takes.

Limiting beliefs, the shiny object syndrome and comparisonitis all work together, often in tandem, to derail our best intentions if we let them. It also pays to remind ourselves that there’s rarely a beast called overnight success. Instead, there are systems. Act fast. Be focused. Learn from failure.

And the one I like best, find yourself an accountability partner, a coach, or someone who will help you commit to your goals. And remember, inspiration comes from within, and your hero is yourself ten years from now. You can find out more about Brian and download your mindset toolkit here.

Our sponsorship this week is courtesy of Paul Brodie at BrodieEDU – you can find out more about Paul and download his free video series on becoming a bestselling author here.

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