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How to Write a Book & Get it Published, with Paul Brodie

Do you crave the freedom to do what you’re passionate about? If that means getting your book out there and being an authority in your field then you’re in the right place. Ask yourself what are you willing to invest and what it’s costing you not to have your book out there, and you start to get the idea of the power of Brodie’s reasoning.
Committing to the decision to write and publish your book is yours and it’s Brodie’s job to help you create the frameworks and systems to make it happen. His secret? Three words: accountability, focus and implementation. He not only guides you through the process of writing and publishing your book, but also how to launch it and build your audience. There’s a lot more but you get the idea.
If you missed Episode 81, then it’s worth a listen, too. Actually, I could listen to this man all day but that’s not the idea. The idea is to be motivated to write with Brodie in your corner. Start with the freebies, three hours of up-to-date audio, Book Publishing for Authors, watch the free webinar, and buy his book. You’ll find it may just be only the beginning of your journey with this man. I know it’s mine.
You can find out more about Brodie and his coaching business here and access the free give-aways using the links below. Enjoy!
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