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Write What You Know, with Lisa Ireland

Teachers know best, right? Teachers turned successful writers are an intriguing bunch. Dedicated, passionate and knowing how to engage an audience with a great story are all tricks of the trade so it can almost be argued that it’s no great surprise that Lisa Ireland’s novel, Feels Like Home, was not only a bestseller but established Lisa as one of the Top Ten Debut Fiction Authors in Australia in 2015. Her latest novel, The Shape of Us, is already causing talk and with good reason. It’s good. But what I love most about my chat with Lisa today is the discussion about how much her mother influenced her writing. Lisa has a letter devoted to her Mum on her website and, in finishing, she says, ‘Most of all, Mum, thank you for always, always, taking my writing seriously, for believing in me and for being proud of me’. It’s what mothers do best, and teachers, and writers mentoring those coming along behind. And it’s what Lisa does best, too. You can find out more about Lisa and her books here.

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